Zombie Villagers
Spawn Light Level of 7 or less
Attack Easy
3 HP (1.5x Heart)
4 HP (2x Heart)
6 HP (3x Heart)
Experience Points 5 Experience Points

Zombie Villagers act excactly like normal zombies, but can be cured by throwing a splash potion of weakness on them and feeding them a golden apple. They will shake while being cured, and it takes around 5 minutes. If zombies happen to be nearby, they will attempt to re-infect the zombie villager. Also, the zombie villager will still attack during its curing and it will still burn in the sunlight.


The chance of one spawning naturally is 5%, and the chance of a villager being infected are as follows: Peaceful: 0%, Easy: 0%, Normal: 50%, Hard: 100%.