The following text concerns a Skin Pack. Not all names of skins may be true.

The Summer of Arcade Skin Pack was released just for the summer of 2012. After this time, it was made unavailable to all who didn't have it yet. The Skin Pack contained 15 skins including two Tony Hawks and a strange cat creature. The following are the skins available in the Skin Pack.

Name/Game Image Description
Tony Hawk (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater) IMAGE IN GALLERY Black helmet and black clothes with a beard.
Officer Dick (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater) Police uniform and sunglasses.
Ollie (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater) NO IMAGE AVAILABLE Green jacket, black trousers, checkered shirt.
Knight (Wreckateer) IMAGE IN GALLERY Blue and brown uniform and silver helmet.
Hot Goblin (Wreckateer) NO IMAGE AVAILABLE Orange
Bunny Suit Goblin (Wreckateer) NO IMAGE AVAILABLE Green
Randall Wayne (Deadlight) IMAGE IN GALLERY Black hair and black clothes
Stella Patterson (Deadlight) Image with skinny zombie Ginger hair, blue jacket, brown bag.
Skinny Zombie (Deadlight)
Zombie Deadlight male
Grey, red, falling apart.
Female Zombie (Deadlight) NO IMAGE AVAILABLE Looks like Stella Patterson zombiefied.
Paladin (Hybrid)
Blue and white metal.
Variant (Hybrid)
Red and white metal.
Dust (Dust: An Elysian Tale)
Blue with black face.
Fidget {Dust: An Elysian Tale)
Yellow and white.


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