Spruce Wood is obtained by harvesting Spruce Trees either by punching or using an axe. Spruce wood blocks can be used as building material or can be made into Spruce Wood Planks. Spruce wood planks are made via the crafting table or your inventory crafting tab. For each spruce wood block you get 4 spruce wood planks which can also be used as building material, as well as to make chests, or bookshelves. They can also be crafted into sticks to make various other items such as weapons, tools, torches, ladders, and fences.


Spruce wood has dark brown bark and a deep brown color on the top and bottom.


  • Spruce wood is obtained from spruce trees.
  • Spruce wood can be crafted into spruce planks.
  • Spruce wood planks can be crafted into sticks.

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