Spider mob

A Spider is a creature found mainly during the night in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. It has a black body and red eyes. They will not attack players in a light level of 10 or higher, unless attacked/provoked or enters an area with a light level of 9 or less.



Unlike their more dangerous and poisonous relatives (Cave Spiders), they are larger and easier to spot from a distance. This often gives the player the upper hand in combat. Whilst in combat, they seem to fight in a jumping spider like pattern, pouncing on its target and then biting on contact. Any weapon will do for confronting a spider. Bows work well for quick clean kills and, if the player is low on health, they can kill them a lot faster, as spiders don't have a ranged attack. However, spiders have a good jumping distance. Repeated attacks are best when using a weapon other than a bow, as the spider will be continuously knocked back. Spiders can also be knocked back while jumping, and will do no damage to the player. Spiders will spawn at night but daylight will not harm them. 


  • They are not immune to splash potions.
  • It is possible to have a pet spider in your house if none of the house has a light level of 9 or less.
  • They don't get slowed by cobwebs.