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Minecraft slime
A slime
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Slimes are green cubes that move by hopping. There are 3 sizes: big, medium and small. The small slimes will drop 1-3 Slimeballs, which can be used to make Sticky Pistons and Magma Cream. Small slimes will do no damage to the player, whereas the Big and Medium slimes will do some damage depending on the size. Their health is also dependent on the size of the slime. Slimes split when killed. The Big slime splits into about 4 Medium slimes and each Medium slime splits into 4 small slimes allowing you to get 16-48 slimeballs on average. Slimes will only spawn between bedrock and the 39th layer of the Overworld and as there's only a 10% chance of spawning slimes in any chunk, a big area will need to be cleared to spawn any slimes. Many people find it hard to find slimes in non flat worlds because of the lack of large, flat areas.

Slimes are one of the rarest mobs in the game. They can spawn in well lit areas, so make sure to do this as the amount of other mobs spawning will decrease the chance of slimes spawning. This is only in slime chunks so there's no need to place a torch everywhere on the surface.

Remember to look-up how to find slimes on YouTube before clearing away a massive area and save hours of unnecessary work.

Slime Finding Tools

There are a few different applications to help locate Slime Chunk locations in different world seeds. There are several YouTube tutorials, but the programs are fairly self explanatory. The most popular Slime Finder is at There is an Android app named "Slime Finder for Minecraft", that was developed by Saranomy. This is a free app that is available on most application sites.


  • Slimes are abundant in Flatworld as its only 4 blocks away from bedrock and very well lit up.
  • Small slimes won't hurt the player, but push him/her instead.

Slime Farming Tutorial
Slime Farming Tutorial(01:52)
A short video outlining one method of slime farming.
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