Sheep Animated GIF
First Appearance First Edition of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Type of Mob Passive
Health 8 (4 hearts)
Spawn Grassland
Attack None
Experience Points Kill Adult: 1-3
Breeding: 1-7

Sheep are passive mobs that supply wool when sheared or killed. Killing sheep will only drop a single block of wool, whereas shearing them yields 1-3 blocks each time.



This is all the colors a sheep can be dyed (it Is hard to see them all)

Most sheep, upon natural generation, have white wool. Others can naturally spawn with black, gray, light gray, brown, or pink wool. They also have light tan skin with pink lips. As of Update 9, Sheep will regrow their wool. Like pigs, they appear to be cross-eyed, with one eye going in the opposite direction of the other. Sheep will not always give wool on rare occasions it will give nothing. The odds of such is 1 out of 6790.

Natural Colors of Sheep

Tips & Tricks

  • You can dye wool on sheep by placing (LT) some dye directly on the sheep. If you shear the sheep, when it grows back it will be the color you dyed it.
  • If you want a sheep to follow you, get some wheat, and make sure the sheep sees it. When it starts to follow you, slowly walk backwards to lure it to wherever you need it to go.
  • It is better to shear the sheep than to kill it due to the fact that you can easily make shears at a crafting table.
  • Breeding with sheep is possible using wheat, too.


  • It used to be where when you throw a potion of invisibility at a sheep it's wool would not be invisible but it was fixed in an update
  • The rarest natural sheep has pink wool, and has a .164% spawn chance.
  • After a sheep is sheared, it will regrow it's wool by eating grass.
  • When a baby sheep eats grass, it sometimes sticks it's head straight into the ground, far enough to cause suffocation damage.