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Redstone Dust
Redstone is found in an ore deep in the earth, lower than level 16, though it is much more common than diamond. When mined, it drops 3-5 redstone dust. Redstone dust can be directly laid onto the ground in the form of a wire, or crafted into other electrical devices.

Redstone Crafting

Redstone Torch

Redstone torches are used as a source of power for redstone machines. When connected to wire, the wire becomes powered, and when placed next to a block that can be activated, such as a door, tnt, or repeater. Redstone carries a current for 15 blocks without the use of a repeater. Redstone torches are not efficient for lighting, as they are dimmer than regular torches, and only one is crafted per redstone powder. A Redstone torch can be Deactivated if there is an electrical current connecting to the Block that the Torch if attached to.

Note: Redstone lighting will not prevent mobs from spawning.

Redstone Repeater

Redstone (Repeater, Inactive)
Redstone repeaters are used to extend the current in a wire past its limit, they are essentially in line power sources, but only output power when activated by a torch or switch.They also delay the current corresponding to how wide the gap is between the two torches. All the way closed is 1 tick (1/10 of a second) and each left-trigger-click increases the delay up to 4 ticks. They consume quite a bit of they require two redstone torch to create. Redstone repeaters require 2 redstone torches, 1 redstone dust and 3 stone blocks to craft.


Switches will power a redstone circuit, an adjacent device, or an adjacent block. The length of time varies, based on the device used. Although switches can be used to power things, not all of them require redstone when crafting.

Pressure Plate

A pressure plate is a switch that is activated by a player, mob, or item laying on it. However, only wooden pressure plates will be activated with items, not stone ones. Any item when dropped will trigger the pressure plate, and it will power any wire or blocks near it. They can be used to make traps, as stone pressure plates are well hidden on stone and wooden pressure plates are well hidden on wooden planks. Use of these in combination with a dispenser or two is ideal. The can also be used as a way to auto-open and close doors.


A lever is a way to power a current. Levers can be placed on walls and floors. Once turned on, they power a current into their adjacent block until turned off. Levers are made from sticks and stone.


A button is another way to power a current. Buttons can only be placed on walls, and only power the adjacent block for a short time, before switching off again. They are best used for opening doors, and powering a dispenser so that it dispenses one thing, then another if pressed again. A button is made from 1 smooth stone or 1 Wooden Plank.

Detector Rail

A detector rail simply detects a minecart passing over it, and sends a current to any redstone placed next to it. The rail powers redstone as long as a cart is on top of it.

Other Redstone Devices


  • Increases the duration of the potion but reverses a level II potion back to level I.
  • Redstone torches are great for lighting in snow forts, as they do not melt the snow. 
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