Powered Rail
Powered Rails are a block that were added to decrease or increase speed of moving Minecarts, which they will do if provided with a Redstone Torch signal. Unpowered Powered Rails can be used as brakes, as they will quickly completely stop minecarts that hit them. Powered Minecarts need a power source approximately every 15 blocks it goes. If not provided a power source, it will no longer move the minecart. If a source of power is destroyed, any powered rails within 15 blocks will deactivate. Redstone Torches provides excellent signal power for about 15 rails at a time. They were first introduced in TU1.


  • In a similar manner to detector rails, powered rails do not function properly without a redstone source.
  • Redstone Torches are best for powering the rails due to cheap materials and its reliable source of 15.

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