First Appearance First edition of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Type of Mob Passive
Health 10 (5 hearts)
Spawn Grassland
Attack None
Drops Normal: 0-3 Raw Porkchops
Burned: 0-3 Cooked Porkchops
Experience Points Kill adult: 1-3
Breeding: 1-7

Pigs are passive Mobs in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Pigs can be harvested for their Raw Pork. If you have a saddle you can ride them. As of TU14 you can now control pigs while riding them with a carrot on a stick. They can also be fed carrot, which causes them to enter love mode. If two close pigs go into love mode, they will kiss and have a baby piglet. The baby piglet will appear to have a large head and a small body.


They have pink skin and they are wall-eyed. They have two toe nails and a rectangle nose.


Pigs usually drop around 0-2 raw porkchops upon death. If they are killed by fire or lava, they will drop 0-2 cooked porkchops.


A baby pig.

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  • You can use a saddle, which may be found in mob spawner chest or in the creative menu, to ride a pig. However, if you ride a pig and have it take fall damage, you can unlock the achievement, "When Pigs Fly".