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An Ocelot (also known as a cat) is a Passive Mob in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Ocelots were added in the August 23rd TU12 update along with Iron Golems and Baby Villagers. Ocelots can be used as household pets in a similar way to dogs. Before it is tamed, the Ocelot will be yellow with small black spots. Once it has been tamed, the Ocelot will become a Tuxedo cat, a Siamese cat or a Tabby Ginger cat. The Ocelot can be told to stay or follow, the same way a dog can. To tame an Ocelot, you must crouch near it while holding a piece of Raw Fish. The Ocelot will then become attracted to the fish where you can then give it the fish in a similar way that you give a wolf a Bone. Ocelots can usually only be found in jungle biomes.


Tamed Ocelots and their Baby Variants


  • Creepers will actively try to avoid Ocelots for unknown reasons.
  • Similar to their real life companions, Ocelots are only found in jungles.
  • The Tuxedo cat texture was designed off of C418's cat who died a few years ago.
  • You can tell what gender the cat is by looking at eyes or tail.
  • If a cat Sits on a chest you will not be able to open the chest.
  • Cats are likely to sit on chests, beds, and furnaces (maybe it is for heat)
  • Wild Ocelots may occasionally attack Chickens.

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