Music Disks are an item that plays music when inserted into a Jukebox. They are sometimes found in chests that are located in Dungeons. They can also be obtained by making a Skeleton kill a Creeper. Only Cat and 13 can be found in dungeons while the other must be obtained through the latter method.

Music Discs

Song Names

These are the names of the songs the music discs play.

  • 11
  • 13
  • Blocks
  • Cat
  • Chirp
  • Far
  • Mall
  • Melohi
  • Stal
  • Strad
  • Ward
  • Where Are We Now

Tips & Tricks

  • When trying to get a skeleton to kill a Creeper, make sure the Creeper is at its lowest amount of health possible. To do this, hit it three times with an iron sword.

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