Mooshrooms are similar to Cows, but they only spawn in mushroom biomes.  Similar to normal cows, a Mooshroom can give milk if milked with an iron Bucket.  Unlike cows, a mooshroom can give Mushroom Stew if a wooden bowl is used as opposed to a bucket.  When killed, a Mooshroom will drop raw beef and leather like a normal cow, making them useful for farming as Mooshrooms have a differing world limit than cows..


  • Mooshrooms can be turned back into normal cows by shearing them which will give you 2-5 red mushrooms.
  • The mooshroom babies cannot be sheared and will not give you mushroom stew right away, but it can be milked right away unlike normal baby cows.
  • A Mooshroom will give mushroom stew even though it has no brown mushrooms, though both brown and red mushrooms are essential for crafting mushroom stew.
  • Mooshrooms are likely the rarest passive mob in the game since not all worlds have a Mushroom Biome.