Melon Slice
First Appearance TU5
Type Food
Restores 1 Hunger Bar
Cookable No
Stackable? Yes (64)

Melon slices can be created by breaking melon blocks. They fill up one shank of the player's food bar and can also be crafted to get melon seeds or to make a melon block.

How to get them

To get melon slices, find either an abandoned mineshaft or dungeon and look in the chests. There may or may not be melon seeds in the chests. When the melons are fully grown, harvest them. The melons, when broken, will drop 1-9 melon slices.


  • Melon seeds can be crafted from 1 melon slice.
  • You can craft a whole Melon with 9 melon slices.
  • Melon seeds can only be found in abandoned mineshafts and dungeons. However, melon seeds may not always be inside the chest so this is a bit more difficult to craft.
  • A single melon slice can be crafted with 8 gold nuggets to create a Glistering Melon.


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