Lava is a fluid block that will flow, similar to Water, away from the source block unless it is contained on all sides. In the Overworld, lava is rare and most commonly found deep underground, but there are occasional lava pools on the surface. Lava is abundant in The Nether, covering the floors, inside nether fortresses and in lava falls.


Lava appears as an orangey-yellow colour. The color however changes every several seconds, sometimes appearing yellow then switching to a red color.


  • Lava can be collected in Buckets where it can then be dispensed elsewhere or it can be used to smelt 100 Ores/Food Items in a Furnace.
  • Zombie Pigmen and Ghasts are immune to the damaging effects of lava.
  • Lava may also be found in blacksmith houses and lava pools.

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