Gold Ingot
Gold Ingot
First Appearance First edition of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.
Type of Block Ingot
Stackable? Yes (64)
Tool Used Iron Pickaxe
Diamond Pickaxe
How to Acquire Smelt Gold Ore in a Furnace.

A Gold Ingot is created by smelting Gold Ore which can be found on layer 30 and below. It can be used to make Tools, Armor, Clocks, Powered Rails, and Gold Blocks. A gold block is a decorative/storage block made from 9 gold ingots. The tools and armor made from gold are weak and do not last very long, therefore it is not wise to use it for those purposes. They can be made into gold nuggets on the Crafting Table, which is used to make Golden apples, Golden carrots, and Glistering Melons.


  • Golden Tools last for 33 uses, less than wooden objects. For this reason, golden tools are sometimes considered a waste.