All the different dyes
Vital statistics
Type Dye
Effects Colors certain blocks
Source varied

Dyes are items in Minecraft that change the color of certain items, including wool, Stained Clay, and banners.


There are 16 dyes, which are Bone Meal, Light Gray Dye, Gray Dye, Ink Sac, rose red, Orange Dye, Dandelion Yellow, Lime Dye, Cactus Green, Light Blue Dye, Cyan Dye, Lapis Lazuli, Purple Dye, Magenta Dye, Pink Dye, and Cocoa Beans.


Cocoa beans can be harvested from cocoa pods, Lapis Lazuli can be mined from Lapis Lazuli Ore, and inc sacks can be obtained by killing Squid.

Bone meal, light gray dye, red rose, orange dye, dandelion yellow, lime dye, light blue dye, cyan dye, purple dye, magenta dye, and pink dye can be crafted using their respective ingredients.

Cactus green can be obtained from smelting Cactus in a furnace.


Placing a dye and wool on a crafting table will yield that colored wool. Placing a dye and 8 blocks of Hardened Clay will yield 8 blocks of stained clay. Leather armor can be dyed by placing a dye and a the armor on a crafting table. Dyed leather armor can be washed out will a Cauldron. A firework star can have a single color or a combination of up to eight colors when crafted with dyes, while a multicolored firework star will fade between its 2-8 colors.


Dyes were added in TU1

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