Detector Rails are one of the three types of rails in Minecraft. They are similar to normal rails. They don't speed up the cart but are able to send a Redstone source to anything it is connected to. However the time effect is like a button; it only works while the Minecart is atop the detector rail. Detector Rail signals can also be connected using Redstone dust. When atop the rail, the detector will turn red in color. They will give a signal for about 1.5 seconds. (However it depends on the speed of the minecart at the given moment.)


6 Iron Ingots + 1 Stone Pressure Plate + 1 Redstone Dust will craft 6 detector rails.


  • You can make a minecart system by putting down detector rails and then powered rails and you don't need to use Redstone torches.
  • Detector Rails are the most expensive type of rail to craft.
  • Detector Rails only send a signal of 1 and will only send the signal to anything that it is connected to.

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