Desert Temples are generated structures that spawn in Desert Biomes. There are always 4 chests below the ankh symbol on the floor, as well as a pressure plate directly below the blue wool block. When stepped on, the pressure plate will detonate 9 TNT blocks below the floor, resulting in death for all players in the room and for the chests to explode as well. Desert Temples are a bit more common than their jungle counterpart. Sometimes, the Temples will spawn completely covered in sand, making them very hard to find.


  • Of the two temples, this one has the highest in danger, with 9 TNT activated by a Pressure Plate instead of Tripwire and Dispensers shooting Arrows but also in loot, as a Jungle Temple has only 3 chests, while a Desert Temple has 4 chests.
  • Sometimes desert temples accidentily spawn in Jungle Biomes (possibly instead of jungle temples) and in desert villages.

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