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First Appearance First edition of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Type of Mob Hostile
Health 15 hp (7 and a half hearts)
Spawn Light Level of 7 or less
Attack Depends on Proximity and Difficulty
Drops Gunpowder 0-1
Music Disk (if shot by Skeleton
Experience Points 5
The Creeper was not originally in the game design, but was accidentally created by Notch in a coding error with a pig. Creepers move silently around making no sound, except when upon attack, they make a hissing sound. They can see from 16 blocks away and take 3 hits from a Diamond Sword, 3 from a Gold Sword, 4 from an Iron Sword, 4 from Stone Sword, and 5 from a Wooden Sword to kill. 3 Arrows will also kill it.

Creepers leave a crater around 1/3 the size of TNT except if it explodes in water because water is very bomb-resistant. The explosion will still damage the player though, most likely kill the player if they don't have any armor.

Tips & Tricks

  • If there is a waterfall and you're on the other side and a creeper blows up, no damage will be dealt to you.
  • Creepers move to the left when they are about to blow up.
  • Use the Guerrilla warfare tactic, where you attack then back away, attack then back away.
  • Be cautious if you are building at night, Creepers move silently upon your structures.
  • Using bows will greatly bring the threat level of a Creeper lower.

Skin Packs

The Creeper is featured in Skin Pack 1 but has arms unlike the real Creeper. It is also in the Festive Skin Pack where it has Christmas clothes. In both Skin Pack 4 and the Birthday Skin Pack, it has a tuxedo with the exception of a party hat for the birthday.


  • A Creeper explosion is not as powerful as TNT, unless it is a charged creeper, in which case the explosion is much more powerful. Nearly twice as powerful
  • If a Creeper is struck by lightning it will become a charged creeper which does double the damage. The "super charged" creepers glow blue and are the rarest mob in the game. The explosion power is double that of a normal creeper. One hit can kill you, even if you have armor
  • A group of Creepers is called a "Cataclysm"
  • Unlike TNT, Creepers do not cause a "chain reaction"
  • It is unknown why Creepers run from Ocelots
  • After several updates, the Al of a creeper has greatly increased. They are now faster and smarter

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