Spawn Grassland
Shearing a Mooshroom
Attack None
Experience Points Kill adult: 1-3
Breeding 1-7
My encounter with a cow

A Cow

Cows are passive mobs in Minecraft. They can be useful for their milk which can be harvested by using a bucket and their leather which can be gathered by killing them. Cows drop 1-3 raw beef and 0-2 leather when killed. They will also drop 1-3 steak if their death is caused by fire.


You can also Breed Cows by feeding them wheat. To make farming easier, you can make cows follow you by holding wheat in your hand whilst staring at them (make sure it is locked on to you by its stare because this can be a little buggy). Once they are fed wheat, they will enter love mode and a baby cow will appear between them.


Breeding two cows will yield the achievement "Repopulation".


  • Cows have a similar looking species called Mooshroom