Mine shaft with fences
Cobwebs are blocks found in Abandoned Mine Shafts and Stronghold libraries. They are a full cube, but are somewhat transparent. Players can get trapped in them, slowing their movement speed dramatically. It takes several seconds to fall through a cobweb. Destroying a cobweb takes a lot of time, unless using Shears or a Sword. Destroyed cobwebs drop String. Destroying a cobweb also takes longer while stuck in it.


  • A large group of cobwebs blocking an entire hallway means that there is a Cave Spider Mob Spawner nearby, take caution.

Tips & Tricks

  • When clearing mineshafts, it is best to place torches first, then clear out cobwebs before clearing wood planks, fences, and stone. This is because hostile mobs can often surprise you when you're busy clearing stuff. If you jump into a cobweb out of surprise, you become very vulnerable to attack, especially creepers.
  • Spiders (both normal and cave) can walk through cobwebs like a normal block. Keep this in mind when you see a cave spider spawner.