Solid Block




Yes (64)

First Appearance

TU1(Title Update 1)

A Bookshelf has three main purposes.

1) It is used to enhance the power of the Enchantment Table by surrounding it with with 15 bookshelves.

2) it can be used as a decoration and it can be used as a fuel source for the furnace.

3) It can be found in the library of Strongholds and NPC Villages. Breaking one with an iron axe or higher will drop 3 books but no wooden planks.


A bookshelf has 2 textures. Wooden planks on the top and bottom and books on all 4 sides. Altogether to make a bookshelf will require three books (each needing three paper from sugar cane and one piece of leather) and six Wooden Planks. Bookshelves can catch fire so keep them away from fire and lava. Breaking a booksheleve will only drop books.


To craft a bookshelf, you require 6 wooden planks and 3 books.

Crafting a Bookshelf

How to craft a bookshelf

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