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Spawn Nether Fortresses, naturally or from spawners, light level of 11 or less
Attack Fireballs:
Easy: 1 and a half Heart
Normal: 2 and a half Hearts
Hard: 3 and a half Hearts
Easy: 2 Hearts
Normal: 3 Hearts
Hard: 4 and a half Hearts
Experience Points 10
Blazes are mobs with a yellow skin and black eyes found in The Nether. They primarily spawn from Mob Spawners found mostly inside Nether Fortresses. Their bodies are made up of a head atop a central column of smoke, and three rotating sections. Each rotating section contains 4 floating yellow rods. Blazes can fly and shoot Fireballs. They make a metallic breathing sound when nearby. Blazes will not leave Nether Fortress unless the player forces them to.


Blazes are able to fly, but they will stay on the ground or sink down slowly in the air when not attacking. Blazes will attempt to swim upwards in lava much like regular mobs behave in water. When they see a player, they will start flying and shooting. Blazes can also be hurt by Snowballs and Water. Like all Nether mobs, they will not die in Lava. Blazes do not catch on fire when either attacked in Creative Mode or when they have spotted the player. They also do not make fireball sounds, making them hard to find where they're coming from. They also drop Glowstone dust as well as their Blaze Rods.


Tips & Tricks

  • Their Fireballs set things on fire so stock up on Fire Resistance Potions and be aware of any flammable blocks in your area.
  • They fly so bring a Bow and Arrows. Lots of them just in case.
  • Block the spawner all around so you can create a Blaze XP farm.
  • Players in Creative mode can play a game of Golem Wars, where one team spawns 5 blazes, and one team spawns 5 Snow Golems.


  • When spawned in a completely dark room the face of the Blaze and its floating yellow rods will be clearly visible. This trait is shared by the eyes from cave spiders, spiders, and Endermen.
  • Blazes will spawn in light unlike other mobs.

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