Axes are tools used to chop wood and break most blocks that are crafted with wood (e.g. bookshelves, chests and crafting tables). Although it is possible to do the same by hand, or with other tools, the Axe is the proper tool to make the process faster and easier.


The Axe is used in the game to chop wood blocks and break wood based items. Although wood can be harvested by hand, using an axe makes the process much faster.

The following are broken more quickly with an Axe:

  • Trees-Oak, Spruce, Birch, and Jungle (in the near future)
  • Wood planks (any variety)
  • Wood slabs
  • Wood stairs

Does not work on

  • Wood Pressure Plates


To craft an Axe requires 2 sticks plus 3 of any of the following: wood planks (any type), cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots, or diamonds.


The achievement involving the Axe is MOAR Tools by constructing one of each type of tool including an Axe.


  • The Axe does one-half heart of damage less to Mobs than the Sword of the same material.
  • Golden Axes are the least effective due to low durability