First Appearance First edition of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Type Food
Restores 2 Hunger Bars
Cookable No
Stackable? Yes (64)

An Apple is a type of food that can be found in oak trees in the overworld, or in chests such as a bonus chest or dungeon chest. You can craft Golden Apples by surrounding normal apples with gold ingot. You can make Enchanted golden apples same as normal, but with gold blocks.


  • All apples restore 2 units on the food bar (4 points).
  • Apple's can be found in dungeon chests, trees, and village chests
  • There's a 1/200 chance you'll get an Apple from leaves and overall around 20-25% from a tree
  • It's the easiest plant food to find, Besides Wheat
  • Oak and Dark Oak trees are the only trees to give Apples.

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