An Anvil can be used to repair tools and rename items. It can also be used to add enchanted books to any items. They can also be dropped on people and mobs to inflict damage. If you are wearing a helmet, this damage will be the same no matter how far it falls.


To craft an Anvil you need 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots.

Craft anvil


With each use an anvil has a twelve percent chance of being damaged. Also, each time it is damaged the text will change to ¨Slightly damaged¨ or ¨Very damaged¨ If an anvil falls it will be broken by a certain percent [(5+hight x 5)%] I.E. if it falls ten blocks, it would be 5+10=15 x 5 = 75% chance of being damaged. The formula (brackets) is not yet implemented, and anvils currently can only be damaged once from a fall.

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