A perfect example of a minecraft a stronghold also intersects with it

Abandoned Mineshafts
are structures that were first introduced along with Ravines and Strongholds in TU5.


Abandoned Mineshafts are usually filled with cobwebs with cave spiders, and contain at least one monster spawner. Abandoned Mineshafts are also rich with ores such as iron and gold, and sometimes hold lapis lazuli and diamonds. The 'shafts' are made of wooden planks. Abandoned Mineshafts provide a very good source of wood while the player mines underground.

About a Mineshaft

There are chests spread throughout Abandoned Mineshafts that can contain resources such as gold and iron ingots, ores, food, or seeds. Some items such as rails are found during the excavation in the shaft. Items such as diamonds, wood, and rails are rare to find in chests. On occasion abandoned mine shafts can connect to strongholds and dungeons. Abandoned Mineshafts are a greatly generated structure. Beginners should try and find an Abandoned Mine Shaft in underground ravines. Mineshafts are very complex however making it easy to get lost.
Minecraft (Xbox 360) ABANDONED MINESHAFTS IN-DEPTH (1.803:56



  • You can occasionally find a stronghold intersecting with a ravine but it is very rare. However if they do intersect, areas may be cut off.
  • Since TU14, it is possible for Mineshafts to travel through ravines, making them easily visible.

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